Mini Truck Love at First Sight
In about 2007, Darlene and Steven Venglarcik fell in love with mini trucks. They bought one, then another to help them do work on their farm in Southwest Michigan. Take hay to the horses in pasture. Haul grain from the mill. Carry a generator and tools to the edges of the property. Transport a sprayer to get rid of weeds and pesky insects. Their minis helped them do it all. "We used to have a John Deere Gator," recalls Steven. "It was ok. But I'd seen the mini trucks overseas when I was working on global assignments for my job. I thought they would be great for us, but at the time we didn't know they were available in the U.S. Then, we saw them online, and we had to have one."

Darlene highlights the many advantages of their mini trucks: "We live in Michigan, so we liked that it had an enclosed cab, heater, A/C and 4-wheel drive, Plus, it can haul more weight, has more space and is better designed for what we need it to do.

From Enthusiast to Dealer to Parts Supplier
They say you shouldn't sell something unless you believe in it. So, for enthusiasts Steven and Darlene, selling mini trucks made perfect sense. After a few years, they refocused their business on parts, making factory direct parts available in the U.S. so that other mini owners could maintain and enhance their beloved trucks as well. Steven began designing and building lift kits, bumpers and hitches to expand the functionality of his own trucks and offered them to other mini truck owners. Today, creates specialty parts that are precisely designed and made of laser-cut steel, high quality welds and long-lasting powder coating. They help you make your truck work better and look better.

Meet Steven
Steven served in the Navy during the Vietnam War. He went on to work as an electrician on merchant ships, earned a bachelor's degree from Spring Arbor College in Organizational Development, worked as an electrician in the manufacturing industry, and recently retired with a continued enthusiasm for mini trucks. "Our Business is about the love of these mini trucks!" says Steven. "We're not in it for the money. We're in it because of our passion for these awesome vehicles." Anything you want to know about these trucks, ask Steven. If he doesn't know, he'll find out. If he can help you, he will. He'll crawl underneath the chassis, take a look, problem solve, trouble shoot, make suggestions and work it through with you. If you buy something from, that's great. But most importantly, you'll make a mini truck friend for life.

Meet Darlene
Darlene is "Chief Shipping Officer" of, making sure shipments go out quickly and accurately each day. She is a wife, mother of three daughters, and a grandmother. A real horse woman, Darlene has used her animal technology degree from Michigan State to care for and raise all kinds of animals, and she worked a career at GM. All this makes her an expert in managing details, multi-tasking, and keeping in ship-shape. And when they have time, these two mini truck lovers ride their Harley -- visiting friends, getting ice cream in Whiteys Iowa, experiencing the landscapes of the Western U.S. and enjoying the sunshine of Michigan.

Reach Out... Let's Talk Mini Trucks!
"Thanks for visiting our site. We love our mini trucks and know you do too. We'd be happy to help you make your mini trucks dreams come true!"

Steven And Darlene.