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Mini Truck Rear Bumper, 1999 to current with 2" Receiver Suz,Maz,Mits,Niss, DAI,  Front Hitch, 99+, 2" Front Receiver Hitch Suz,Maz,Niss, DAI, Front Bumper, 99+
Heavy-Duty Rear Bumper w/2" Receiver fits Suzuki, Daihatsu & Mitsubishi 1999+ Newer models.

Heavy-duty Front Bumper with 2" receiver for 1999-newer Mini Trucks by Suzuki, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Daihatsu.

Front Bumper with 2" Hitch fits 1999 & Newer Mini trucks listed.

Suzuki Carry DD51T, 90-98, Front Receiver Hitch 2" Suzuki Carry, 99+, 2" Front Receiver Hitch Suzuki, DAI,Mits, 89-98, Rear Bumper w/ 2"Receiver Hitch
Front Hitch fits 1990-98 Suzuki Carry DD51T.

Suzuki Carry 2" Front Receiver, fits DB52T/DA63T/DA65T/DA16T.

Rear Bumper w/2" Receiver fits 1989-98 Models listed.